Registration and examinations

Phone: 0914883939---0114516631

Registration and examination officer is responsible for the whole tasks set by the University Academic Regulations under the direct supervision of the Dean Faculty with the help of two assistants: Registration officer and Examination officer in addition to other staff.


Quality and Accreditation

Phone: 0122797278

The Quality is a specialized unit to make the educational process completely perfect at the faculty through following and implementation of curriculum development, specialized training and qualification of teachers.


Educational Practice

Phone: 0912552185

Education practice unit is the cornerstone in the process of the preparation, qualification and training program. The unit represents the practical application of all theoretical skills and experience gained by the student through joining the Faculty of Education, under its supervision and in cooperation with the host school for the student/ teac


Graduate Studies

Phone: 0912978549

Graduate Studies Coordinator: Objectives: - Convener for the Graduate Studies Committee at the faculty. - To follow - up executions of the recommendations and decisions of the Graduate Studies committee. - Represents the faculty at the Graduate Studies Committee for the university. - Coordinates the work of the Graduate Studi


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