Graduate Studies

Recommending the approval of graduate programs for the different departments. Follow up the graduate studies programs. Recommendation for the admission and registration of graduate students. Recommendation for the extension, withdrawal and termination of withdrawal for students. Recommendation for cancelation of registration or re-admission of students. Recommendation for supervision committee of graduate students. Recommendation for titles of dissertations and theses. Recommendation for examination committee. Held the meeting for graduate studies committee monthly every third Monday.


Dean Faculty Chairman
Graduate Studies coordinator member
Deputy Dean member
Graduate Studies coordinator assistant member
Education program coordinator member
Geography Program Coordinator member
History program coordinator member
Arabic language program coordinator member
Islamic studies program coordinator member
Libraries and Information Program Coordinator member
English Language Program Coordinator member
Chemistry and Biology program coordinator member
Mathematics and Physics program coordinator member
Secretarial Secretarial

Students Affairs

It is one of the Standing Committees that work on: Preparation of detailed data for every student and submit periodic reports on their work. It also follows students all issues for everything related to their presence in addition to following academic supervision and other activities.


Dean Faculty Chairman
Deputy Dean member
Supervisor of Student Affairs at the Faculty member and convenor
Representative of the Faculty at Committee of Undergraduate Studies at University member
One of the Faculty staff with good experience member
Representative Students Union member

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