Arabic and Islamic Studies

This department started with the inauguration of the college in 1994 in answer to satisfy the society needs for qualified Arabic language and Islamic Studies teachers. The department is thus named for the very close connection between the two areas of study. Also the Quran was revealed in the language of the Arab; the language of our Prophet Muhammed (peace and prayer be upon him) who explains the meanings of the Quran in his Hadeeths. Nonetheless, he is a pure Arab. From these we see the importance of this department and responsibility in graduating well qualified, knowledgeable and zealous teacher who is fully saturated with high esteem of Allah. In addition to that, the department possesses all human and know how potentials to shoulder its responsibilities to the highest degree. There are a number of specialists in the two spheres of the department, besides the methodologies requires for achieving its objectives. The qualifications of the staff members and the excellent syllabuses greatly harmonize so that the outcome benefits the society and contributes to its advancement towards prosperous upward movement and civilization. The department is concerned with teaching all Arabic language and Islamic study courses not only in the department, but in all other department in the college. The department conducts the following graduate programmes in Arabic language and Islamic studies: 1.Post-graduate Diploma in ELT by courses and examination. 2.MA in Applied Linguistics (ELT) by courses and dissertation. 3.MA in Applied Linguistics (ELT) by research. Ph D Applied Linguistics (ELT) by research.

- 1.Deep implanting the academic knowledge in the learners.
- 2.Improving the educationally teaching operation.
- 3.Graduating qualified cadre for teaching and scientific research
- 4.Supervising researches and scientific works in the field of ELT and other languages that are considered important to the development and improvement of the society.
- 5.Linking students with their society and the environment around them.


"The English language Department is aiming at improving the teaching process in the field of ELT in the College of Education – Hasahisa."

Arabic and Islamic Studies


" Qualifying graduates in ELT, particularly, those who have the competences required for the servitude of the society."

Arabic and Islamic Studies

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