Educational Practice

Education practice unit is the cornerstone in the process of the preparation, qualification and training program. The unit represents the practical application of all theoretical skills and experience gained by the student through joining the Faculty of Education, under its supervision and in cooperation with the host school for the student/ teacher. Educational practice is focused on the actual application of skills starting from the pre-implementation of teaching such as planning, formulating educational goals and how to achieve them, through the skills of execution such as asking questions and classroom management, the use of modern learning techniques, also the importance of varying strategies for teaching and motivation so as to reach the skill of testing and the tools for assessment and how they are implemented in practice in addition to what is discovered by the student/ teacher through positive attitudes towards teaching as a profession and the difficulties encountered with the suggestion of appropriate solutions.

- - To prepare the student/ teacher psychologically and educationally to be responsible in the profession after graduation.
- - To acquire the necessary skills needed for teaching.
- - To provide an opportunity for practical application of the principles and theoretical basics studied by the student/ teacher in the curriculum of educational preparation.
- - To refine the student/ teacher with basic experiences in the core, such as: identify learning requirements and how to derive learning objectives, and the selection of appropriate activities and methods, in addition to classroom management.
- - To help the student/ teacher to adapt with urgent problems needed to study and to make a decision on how to solve them.
- - To provide an opportunity for the student/ teacher to interact with colleagues, teachers, school management, and educational supervision to gain experience and guidance in order to do the work perfectly
- - To provide an opportunity for student/teacher to identify the curriculum during the stage of training in order to know their strengths and weaknesses and to show their own point of view.
- - To give the student/ teacher a chance to discover the abilities and skills in teaching.
- - To create a school climate that allows the student/ teacher a sense of complete responsibility, and to have positive attitudes towards teaching as in: (honesty - sincerity - patience - role models - the ability decision making etc ...).
- - To discover the actual performance in school work to see what fits the educational situation through ways and methods of teaching
- - To gain the student/ teacher personal characteristics and social relations through interaction with the school administration and educational supervision.


" The section delivers the best educational services for those who work at educational institutions and also trainee and qualified teachers at the now and future time for the community service."

Educational Practice


"Providing the best educational services for those who work in the field education, and to prepare qualify and training teachers for the present and future time so as to help the community."

Educational Practice

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