Physics &Mathematics

The department has great importance since it provides secondary and basic schools with physics and mathematics teachers. We believe that the two subjects keep students’ brain ticking over, however, efforts are being exerted to develop the curriculum and to split the department into two-physics and mathematics. Efforts also have been made to develop postgraduate programmes on the two subjects and to upgrade the labs to meet our students’ needs.

- students on logical scientific thinking.
- students on problem solving strategies.
- 3.improving students mental and practical skills.
- 4.inculcating in the learners good habits and orientations towards knowledge and its importance in life.
- 5.inculcating in the learner measures of social behaviour that students need to acquire.
- 6. Enabling the learner to thoughtfully contemplate about the omnipotent of providing the learner with practical skills in using some apparatus and how to carry out certain experiments.


"The department seeks for distinction in preparing qualified teachers who can work for different educational institutions and who are capable of finding solutions of scientific problems"

Physics &Mathematics


" The department looks forward to making our graduates have the skills of thinking about physical phenomena and applying knowledge acquired practically, and also we hope to make them have the skills of solving problems by using computer programs."

Physics &Mathematics

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