Chemistry & Biology

The department was established in 1995 and the study started out from batch (17). The undergraduate programme awards hounor degrees in chemistry and biology after the completion of eight semesters with success. The ultimate objective of the department is to prepare and qualify competent teachers of chemistry and biology who have good morals. Proudly, the department has qualified 761 students since it was established. Some graduates are now working at schools and others at Sudanese universities. Providing services to secondary school students in terms of training and presenting lessons in the labs is also one of the objectives of the department

- - Deepen the academic knowledge.
- - Developing the educational process.
- - To conduct research and scientific studies in the fields of chemistry and biology, which are considered the basic sciences in the development and improving the society.
- - Preparation of qualified teachers who teach and conduct scientific research.
- - Preparing qualified teachers for both basic and secondary level in the field of chemistry and biology
- - Giving students scientific and practical knowledge in chemistry and biology
- - To develop student's skills for self-learning and to follow-up new information and technology in both specializations (chemistry and biology).
- - Developing scientific research.


" It is hoped that the department will be able to aid development in the country and work towards creative solution for educational problems. It is believed that these problems can be overcome by qualifying teachers who have strong in the professions of teaching, knowledgeable teachers with good morals."

Chemistry & Biology


" The hope is to qualify a teacher who has the ability of thinking creatively and scientifically in order to solve social problems and who has the skill of using modern technologies when teaching the two subjects. It is also hoped that the teacher believes that Islam calls for acquiring knowledge and spreading it and believes in miracles in Quran and Sunn"

Chemistry & Biology

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