Geography – History

This department was established in 1994 and the study started out from batch (17) in 1999. Bachelor degree is awarded in geography and history after the completion of eight semesters with success. The department also awards M.A and PhD degrees in history.

- 1.Deep implanting the academic knowledge of Geography and History in the learners.
- 2.Improving the educationally teaching operation.
- 3.Graduating qualified cadre for teaching and scientific research.
- 4.Supervising researches and scientific works in the field of Geography and History.
- 5.Linking students with their society and the environment around them.


"The department is now planning for postgraduate studies on geography. This programme hopes to award master and diploma degrees in diplomatic relationship. We are also panning for building a will equipped lab for geography students and a lecture room for postgraduate studies"

Geography – History


"The department is well known by its scientific expeditions. They set off for long journeys to different parts of Sudan. First they launched into White Nile State and then The River Nile State and later to The Blue Nile, Kassala and The Red Sea. It is quite obvious that such expeditions need careful planning and endless patience. Our students enjoyed the benefits of the journeys. For instance, they raise awareness among our students of the values of collective work; the students take responsibilities, acquire the skills of solving problems and integrate the theoretical and practical parts of the study."

Geography – History

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