Libraries & Information

The department was established in 2000 for the purpose of keeping up with international development in the field of knowledge, communication systems and information technology, moreover, to prepare for the upcoming progress in sciences.

- 1.Deep implanting the academic knowledge in the learners.
- 2.Improving the educationally teaching operation.
- - To prepare qualified staff who do the work at libraries of educational institutions.
- - To conduct scientific studies and research in the fields of libraries and information.


"Developing the role of the educational process 3in the fields of libraries and information at the Faculty of Education."

Libraries & Information


"1- students design libraries for schools in Hasaheisa town as part of their projrct works. 2- Students in semester six set off annual expedition to visit information centres in order to link the theory with the practice. 3- Students participate fully in social and cultural activities in the faculty. 4-Students and teachers host and sponsor the academic activities such as workshops, seminars, and so on."

Libraries & Information

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