Educational Sciences

The department of educational sciences is considered the backbone which all aspects of the educational and teaching processes rely. The department teaches the syllabuses and requirements of education for all the departments, all specialties that are the basis of faculties of education. The department has a section for higher studies, the programs of postgraduate diploma, master-degree through research and syllabus plus complementary research. The department arranges for training courses in all educational fields for the specialists of education and others. The department designs to establish a section for specialized psychology, another for kindergarten. Now, the department is developing syllabuses for the programs of diploma and master degrees.

- to deepen academic knowledge.
- to develop the educational process.
- to prepare qualified graduates for both teaching and research
- Teaching all educational science courses which amount to one-third the credit hours that any student in the faculty of education should study
- to link the students with their community and the surrounding environment.


"The development of current curriculum and syllabus for the recent knowledge in the field of education."

Educational Sciences


" To develop students' skills and abilities for the community service in the field of trainee and development of education."

Educational Sciences

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