About The Faculty

Hasaheisa is an old small town in the north-east of Gezira State. It is located on the west bank of the Blue Nile. It has a population of about one million and a half. Approximately, 75% of the town’s native inhabitants depend on agriculture. The town has become a large commercial centre since Rufa’a Bridge was opened. Farmers large and small come from the neighbouring villages to make their living buying household products and selling agricultural productions. The locality which consists of a number of villages around the town has its headquarters in Hasaheisa. The town provides essential services to the public. Education is the most adequate service available in the locality. Beside the schools, there is Faculty of Education which gives special prominence to education in the whole locality. Faculty of Education-Hasaheisa is considered to be one of the faculties of the educational sector of University of Gezira. It was established in 1994 and in the same year batch (17) was the first to gain entrance. Almost all students in that batch were school teachers. Later Sudanese School Certificate students were admitted to the faculty from batch (20) onward.


Perfection and excellence for teacher's education.


Providing the best educational services for teachers at the educational institutions, qualifying and training teachers for the present and the future to serve the community.

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