• Faculty Council

The work at the Faculty Deanship depends mainly on two broad fields which include: academic and administrative work and within them cooperative work that leads to improve the final output. The Dean Faculty is responsible for academic and administrative works for the University management ,The Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor, and Principal. The Dean Faculty lies the academic and administrative decisions on the committees, the academic and administrative units at the faculty, and the Faculty Council The Faculty Council is responsible for putting the general policy at the faculty, supervising the Academic and Administrative work, Recommendation for the Approval of Scientific and Research Programs, Approval of Bachelor and Graduates Results. Recommendations for establishing new departs, centers and units at the faculty. The issue of inner regulations which do not contradict with university academic regulations and system. Approval of budget and periodic report about financial and administrative and other responsibilities related to university regulations.


Vice Chancellor Vice Chancellor Vice Chancellor Chairman.
Dean Faculty Co-Chairman.
Dean of Scientific Affairs member
Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research member
Chairman of the University Undergraduate Studies committee member
Deans of relevant faculties members
Former Deans at the Faculty members
The Deputy Dean member
Head departs and Managers of the centers at the Faculty members
Chief Standing Committees at the Faculty members
Professors at the faculty members
Representatives from every department members
Three members from outside University members
Registration and Examination Officer member and convener

Examiners' Board

This council is responsible for the discussion and recommendations of the students' results for the Faculty Council.


Dean Faculty. Chairman
Deputy Dean Faculty. member
Registration and Examination officer. member and convener
Faculty representative at University Undergraduate Studies Committee member
Representative department of Physics and Mathematics member
Representative department of Geography and History. member
Representative department of English Language member
Supervising Student Affairs member
Representative department of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies member
Representative department of Chemistry and Biology member
Representative department of Educational Sciences member
Representative department of Educational Activities member
Representative department of Educational Means and Information Technologies member
Representative department of Libraries and Information member

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