Academic Programs - Undergraduate

B. A. Honors in Education in Physics and Mathematics

Admission requirements:

The applicant must satisfy the Admission Requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

The study period:

Eight semesters

Degree conferred:

The University Senate awards Bachelor (honor) in Education in Physics and Mathematics for students with a CGPA of 2.00 or more after the completion of the prescribed curriculum successfully.

Semester: - 1

Course NameHoursCourse code
Calculus (1) Differentiation3 
Basic Mathematics3 
General Physics4 
Electricity and Magnetism4 
Holy Quran TaJweed2 
Arabic Language( Language Skills)2 
English Language 12 
General Psychology2 
Physical Education2 

Semester: - 2

Course NameHoursCourse code
Arabic Language (Writing and Arts of Expression)2 
English Language 22 
Agricultural Education2 
Holy Quran (Memorizing Section 29-30)2 
Developmental Psychology2 
Calculus (2) ( Integration )3 
General Algebra3 
Light and Optics4 

Semester: - 3

Course NameHoursCourse code
Arabic Language (Dictionaries and Terminologies)2 
ENglish language3 
Basics OF Computer3 
Lnstructional pcychology2 
Environmental Education2 
IsIamic principIes of Education3 
Euclidean and Non - Euclidean Geometry3 
Waves and Vibrations4 

Semester: - 4

Course NameHoursCourse code
Arabic Language (APPlied texte)2 
EngLish Language 42 
Principles of SyLLabi Designing2 
Activity theatr، music ، H ome ، science2 
teaching Aids 11 
Calculus (3 ) ( advanced )3 
Liner Algebra3 
Thermo Dynamics3 
Fluids Mechanics4 

Semester: - 5

Course NameHoursCourse code
Sources oF Islamic Knowiedge2 
General Teaching Methods2 
Artistic Designing3 
Educationai Statistics2 
Vectors Analysis3 
Real Analysis3 
Electronic Circuits3 
Classical Mechanics3 
Statistical Physics3 

Semester: - 6

Course NameHoursCourse code
COais of LsLamic Sharia2 
Educationai Measurement and EValuation2 
SPecific Teaching Methods2 
Research Methodology2 
Complex Analysis3 
Statistics and Probabilities3 
Atomic Physics and Relativity4 
Electro- Magnetic Theorem3 

Semester: - 7

Course NameHoursCourse code
Teaching practice 13 
Teaching Aids (2)2 
SyllabI Evaluation and innovation2 
Educational Administration2 
Numerical Analysis3 
Differential Geometry3 
Quantum Mechanics4 

Semester: - 8

Course NameHoursCourse code
Mental Health2 
History of Education In Sudan2 
Graduation Research3 
General Topology3 
Nuclear Physics and Particles4 
Physics of Solids and Laser4 

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